About Us

A History in Brief

Magothy Cooperative Preschool was formed in 1974 by a group of parents.   The classroom and grounds are located adjacent to the historic site of the oldest Methodist Church in Maryland. Those parents formed the by-laws that still guide us today.  For the past decade, we have had a team of progressive parents and educators who have guided Magothy into expansion and excellence.

Our Preschool

Magothy Cooperative Preschool’s mission is to provide our students a stimulating child-directed environment that encourages creativity, environmental consciousness, self-expression & socialization.  The result is a nurtured well-rounded and independent child who has enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude towards themselves and the world around them. We integrate environmental education into all of our subjects and promote interaction with the natural world as part of our curriculum and operation.

A preschool program is your child’s first step into the academic world. Your child will have the opportunity to explore our two spacious classrooms with various independent learning centers.  We have four spaces for learning: our Outdoor Classroom, our Music & Movement Room, and our two Discovery Rooms.  Our children rotate with the class and teachers through these spaces during the day.

A Theme Curriculum is quite successful in a preschool environment. Children appreciate and respond to an ever changing and stimulating environment. The theme will be integrated throughout the learning centers, and will promote hands on approach. For all ages, a general monthly theme will serve as a framework for the introduction of skills and concepts. Vocabulary, letters, sounds and mathematical concepts will be introduced as they relate to the children and topics of study, and as they are age appropriate. Holidays, seasons and weather conditions will be studied as they occur and are experienced by the children. Along with the thematic material, students will learn other helpful skills, such as: character education, diversity and self-help skills.

In creating these developmentally appropriate classroom spaces, each child’s needs and interests will be met. Not all children are at the same level to do the same teacher directed activities, and not all children are interested in the same things. Our differentiated classroom environment will help meet each individual child’s needs.

Our school is certified through the Maryland Department of Education as a non-public school and as an early childhood development center. Our teachers all hold Bachelor’s Degrees and meet continued ed. requirements. Magothy Cooperative Preschool is a member of Parent Cooperative Preschools International.