Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission is to provide a stimulating child-directed environment that encourages creativity, environmental consciousness, self-expression & socialization.  To nurture a well-rounded and independent child who has enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude towards themselves and the world around them.

The purposes of this corporation are:

1.  To maintain a non-profit, non-sectarian, cooperative preschool as a needed community project, in which the parents, Teacher(s), and Director take the responsibility for the administration of the school. The Teacher and Director assumes primary responsibility for the education program of the children.

2.  To provide affordable, quality preschool education through the cooperative participation of the school community.

3.  To further the education of its members in the principles of child guidance, through their observation of children, participation in the daily program as assistants to a trained instructor, and attendance at educational meetings.

4.  To provide a explorative and child-directed curriculum that addresses all aspects of child development, including social interaction as well as problem solving, and academic preparation.