Inclement Weather Procedures:
We follow AACPS school closings.  Please do not call the school, look on the website, or email your class coordinator for this information.  Be proactive and listen to the TV or radio for school closings.  Use your best judgement. If you don’t feel it is safe in your area to drive to school, stay home!  If our school deviates at all from the AACPS decisions or above stated policy, we will utilize our Livingtree conversation wall, inbox and text message features.
Delays:  If schools are delayed, the following schedule will be followed.  This schedule was determined factoring in the need for programs to meet, safety and staffing.  Feathered, Fauna and Forest will start at 10 am and end at regular time. Finned and Flora will meet as usual.  Flying will start at 11am and end at regular time on Tuesdays and Thursdays and meet at regular time on Fridays.  Furry will meet for a 10-12 Friday session.