At Magothy Cooperative Preschool each family participates on one committee to help create the uniquely enriched community that it is.  Parents can select their position on a first come first serve basis at our March General Membership Meeting.  The list below is a sample of committees as they change each year based on the school’s needs.

Arts and Crafts Committee
Easel Keeper:  Shall clean the easel once a week, including tray and mat, and put away paint dishes, etc.  Shall take the children’s smocks home periodically to wash.
Play Dough Maker: Shall prepare play dough from the recipe you will be given.  The play dough’s color should be the color of the month. This person will receive a budget for costs.
The Arts Bin Organizer: Shall be responsible for keeping the arts and crafts cases in order and clean, and refreshing, restocking, and consolidating the art materials.  Shall check and straighten the arts and crafts closets/shelving once a month.
Fundraising Committee
Restaurant Fundraiser Planner:  Shall book and plan for the restaurant nights in the community.  Shall prepare the fliers needed for the membership for the event.
Family Social Night Silent Auction Coordinators (three people):  Shall solicit and  prepare items for the Silent Auction.  This can include certificates from businesses, baskets of goods, etc.  Shall manage the Silent Auction bidding sheets and manage distribution of auctioned items to families.

Library and Education
Scholastic Book Orders: Shall handle any scholastic book orders, collection of money and distribution of books. Shall promote book orders via newsletter reminders and bulletin board postings and announce book order deadlines
Magothy Gives Back” Coordinator:  Shall plan two in-school charity events, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Shall choose the charity events with approval from the Board (examples from the past: “Harvest for the Hungry” November, the Pajama /Scholastic Books drive-december, Angel Tree/adopt families from Sarah’s House-december, “Pennies for Peace”-spring, and the trike-a-thon to benefit St. Jude’s Hospital-spring).  Shall provide information to teachers so they can plan to integrate this character education within each class’ circle time.
Communications & Advertising Committee
Newsletter Features Writer:  Shall compile monthly community events listings that our parents can go to with their children.  Shall write a Green Tips column with interesting information for parents, due to editor two weeks before each new month.
Thank You Note/Letters:  Shall write thank you notes following any events which outside groups contributed to, and to the contributors of the silent auction.
Science Committee and Green Team
Pet Caretaker’s Assistant:  Shall assist with fish feeding and feeding/watering of all the pets and maintain the Feeding Log. Shall work with Caretaker on maintaining tanks and refreshing tank labels and displays throughout the year.
Recycling and Compost Manager:  Shall empty out the recycling bin in the recycling dumpster behind the school when it is ¾ full.  Shall oversee the outdoor composting system and create reminders and signs to assist Parent Helpers with composting from the classroom.
Nature Trail Maintenance:  Shall keep the trail cleared of leaves and debris and keep the story circle in the woods cleared.  Shall use tree limbs to line the trail.

Playground and Equipment Committee
 Indoor Maintenance Managers: Shall be in charge of all indoor equipment needing to be repaired. This can include light bulbs, broken curriculum materials, painting work, etc.  This also includes maintaining the air conditioners and vacuum cleaner.
Playground Maintenance Manager: Shall be in charge of all playground equipment, including riding equipment.  Shall keep a current inventory of equipment.  Shall ensure it is clean and functioning. In consultation with the teachers or Director, and within the operating budget for the school year, make recommendations and purchase all new equipment needed for the school program. Shall arrange for the repair and maintenance of all outdoor equipment, including keeping clean sand in the sandbox.
Grounds Keepers:  Shall keep the playground raked and in order.  Keeping the back steps free of debris by sweeping regularly, and free of snow and ice.  Keeping the branches and bushes in order so there is no danger to the children.  Keeping the woodchips 6 inches deep-this may require raking them back in under the swings.

Purchasing and Health Committee
Water Bottle Helper: Shall take the old water bottle to the store and exchange for full one as needed.  Shall turn in receipts to be reimbursed.
Vacuuming and Mopping Helper #1 &#2:  Shall sweep the hallway outside the classrooms on Thursdays & mop the Music and Movement Room every other week, coordinating with Helper #2.

Social Committee
Harvest for the Hungry Parade:  Shall coordinate a group from Magothy to participate in the local Pasadena parade.  Takes place the first Sunday in November.  Shall register the school to participate.  Shall organize where to meet and details with the Magothy families.  Can be simply a group walking with strollers and our banner, or create a float.
Winter Season Celebration Planners (two people): Shall plan for the potluck family gathering in December, booking an outside location.  Shall purchase paper goods for the event and handle RSVPs to ensure that families bring a main dish or two sides/dessert/appetizer etc. Shall plan and set up decorations, as well as stay to help with clean up.  The party planners play Hostess for the party and manage food layout, tables and chairs, etc.  Shall book a volunteer to be Santa (who poses for pictures).

Playdate Coordinators
Shall coordinate a monthly playdate for the families in your class to build friendships and community.  This is to be outside of class time, at times and locations that the Coordinator chooses, beginning in June and ending in May. The Coordinator shall vary the schedule and costs of the class playdates so that every family has an opportunity to attend at one time or another.