Our Friends at Magothy are:

  • Using rain barrels to water the native plant garden that surrounds the enclosed portion of our Outdoor Classroom.
  • Visiting the wooded Nature Trail with the birdhouses, interpretive Nature Trail signs and story circle in the woods.
  • Maintaining a butterfly garden.
  • Feeding our snack scraps to our worms in the composting worm bin.
  • Growing vegetables in our mobile sun garden. The plants grow in wagons so that the children can pull them out into the sun everyday.
  • Observing native animals in our indoor science center.
  • Actively recycling and composting, and teach it to our children.
  • Coming together as a community to celebrate the seasons.  Our Autumn Harvest Celebration and Spring Garden Celebration are held outdoors.
  • Visiting ecologically interesting sites and learning from groups such as Living Classroom and Chelonia Eco Adventures.
  • Playing in in our hands-on science center.  It is filled with natural items, magnifying glasses, a little world of forest animals,  and critters.
  • Making art from used materials.  We reuse paper, save scraps for collage. Our bottle cap crab mural is displayed in the garden.
  • Supporting the wildlife by feeding, providing nesting materials and birdhouse for the birds.  We grow milkweed for monarch butterflies.
  • Going outside in all kinds of weather to explore and play.
  • Camping in the Outdoor Classroom during class time for all of Earth Week.
  • Have duel flush toilets in our child bathrooms.

Learn more about outdoor education at Magothy:  http://magothycooperative.org/environment/outdoor-classroom