Forest Adventures Program

What is Forest School (Forest Adventures)?

Forest school takes place entirely outside in a natural environment. It is a program committed to nature immersion, child-driven and inquiry-based learning, Children learn best through hands-on discovery and the forest school model capitalizes on that while keeping the children excited about learning and discovering what nature has to offer. Activities vary across technical, social and personal skills, but a focus on emergent, play and place-based curriculum creates a strong tie across forest school experiences.

A Typical Day

A typical day would include a Forest Meeting (circle time to come together as a group) where we use songs, story time and discussion to introduce the day’s lesson.  Children will engage in nature walks through the forest, group and individual activities and investigations, and lots of play!  Building forts, creating art with nature, digging in mud, discovering what lives under logs, forest scavenger hunts, learning ,math within the context of nature and finding patters in nature are only some of the things children will experience during their time in the forest.

Snack time will be a time to meet once again, not only to come together as one, but to practice our social skills and manners.  Through utilizing our forest space and our playground space the children will be able to work on small and large motor development.  Climbing, jumping and hiking the trails are only some of the ways to practice their motor skills and become more comfortable nature.

Forest school “teaches life-long skills and prepares children for Kindergarten readiness in the following ways: it leads to better problem solving; higher critical thinking; encourages excitement about learning and retains the desire to learn; it teaches kids HOW to problem solve not WHAT the answers are, it expands creativity; promotes a willingness to take risks; and it results in children who have better peer communication, emotional resilience, lower frustration levels, higher perseverance and who work more cooperatively”

Membership at Magothy
By joining the Forest Adventures classes, you would not have official membership in the cooperative school but yet be able to enjoy the beautiful campus.

You would be welcome at our  General Membership Meetings.  You would be a member of our Living Tree communication platform.  You would be welcome at our social events like: Autumn Harvest, Spring Garden Celebration and Whole School Playdates.  We have a lot of fun fundraisers that you can join in to support the Magothy community, such as the Purse Bingo and Quarter Auction.

Though you would not have to fulfill a Helping Parent Shift, we have an open door policy.  You are welcome to stay for any class.  We would ask that you give back to our outdoor classroom by helping with our Nature Trail Maintenance.