LivingTree is the online platform that current Magothy families use for communicating and organizing our vibrant community!  Once you join our community, you will receive an invitation from LivingTree to confirm your account and create a new password.  Then, you will have access to both your class and community-wide events.

First Steps

*Your first login to LivingTree must be from a browser on a laptop or desktop computer*

Once you accept your LivingTree invitation, we know you will be excited to explore all that LivingTree offers!  Please make sure that your exploring includes the following:

  1. Visit your Profile, click on “Edit Profile and Preferences” on the right and do the following:
    • Select the directory information you would like to be public (phone, address, email)
    • Check that your contact information is current and make updates
    • Check that the time zone is set on “US/Eastern”
    • Check Communication Options based on how you would prefer to receive updates from LivingTree.  We recommend clicking “yes” to both the Daily Summary and Text Message options.
    • Notification Preferences-this determines how you will be notified each time there is a change on LivingTree (either by email or a mobile “push” notification).  If you are regularly checking LivingTree and receiving the Daily Summary, you may not need to check any of these.  It’s really personal preference 🙂
    • Update your Profile pic and add pics of your child(ren)
  2. Visit your Conversations Page (click on the “speech bubble” icon that says “Conversations” at the top of the page)
    • This is personalized for YOU (you only receive Magothy + your class information!)
    • You can filter your conversation wall by:
      • Selecting your child’s class under “Groups” on the left menu
      • Filter by type of post at the top of the conversation wall (“Filter By”)
  3. Visit the Calendar (icon at top of page)
  4. Sync your personal calendar
    • Click on Subscribe at the top of the calendar page
    • More support provided by clicking here
  5. Check your private inbox (click on the envelope icon at the top)
  6. Download the Mobile app

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are well on your way to making LivingTree your hub for communication with Magothy!


  • How do I set my privacy settings for the directory?
  • What are notification settings and how do I select them?
  • How do I RSVP for an event that has a sign up?
  • Can I create an event or post?
  • What should I do with the Magothy Google Calendar that is synced to my Google Calendar?
  • How will the text messages be used?
  • How often should I check LivingTree?
  • Is it okay if our family only uses one of our accounts?
  • What will happen to the Magothy Facebook page and group?

How do I set my privacy settings for the directory?  Every parent should visit “Options” then “My Profile” at the top right of your login page on LivingTree.  At the top of your profile, you will see three check boxes to select.  We encourage all parents to include your phone number so that teachers have access to it during classes.  Because LivingTree has a private inbox feature, you can choose to list your email and physical address or not.  Please note that some parents use email addresses for birthday invites, etc.

What are notification settings and how do I select them?  Notification settings determine how you are notified when new information is posted on LivingTree.  You can change notification settings at any time, so we recommend visiting these settings (found at the bottom of your Profile) several times as you get more familiar with LivingTree. “Mobile Notification” are referring to the dings and reminders you would receive on your phone.  The Daily Summary is a great option if you prefer email because you will receive an email with all of the updates from that day…you will NOT receive an email if there haven’t been any changes to the site.

How do I RSVP for an event that has a sign up?  If there is an event that requires an RSVP or a sign up (i.e., “bring donation items for a cooking project in class”),  click on the event and choose “sign up for this.” For events where you are RSVPing for more than one person, please indicate in the comments section how many are coming (i.e., “one adult, one child”).

Can I create an event or post? Yes!  Parents are encouraged to be active participants on your Magothy classroom page.  You can create informal events (i.e., “come to the library with us at 10 am today”) and posts on your classroom pages.  All posts should be Magothy-related.

What should I do with the Magothy Google Calendar that is synced to my Google Calendar?  The Magothy Google Calendar located on the Magothy website will continue to contain Magothy-wide events but not individual class calendar entries.  For this reason, it’s best to undo your sync to the Magothy Google Calendar and subscribe to the LivingTree calendar, which will contain both Magothy-wide events and your class events.  The Magothy Google Calendar on the website will be primarily used to inform prospective parents of admissions events and give them a glimpse into our community-wide events.

How will the text messages be used?  As you probably noticed, there is an option to receive text messages from Magothy in the notification settings (found under “Edit your Profile and Preference).  Text messages will ONLY be used by the Director, Parent President, Teacher or Class Coordinator when there is time-sensitive information that must reach parents within an hour or two.  For example, “school is closing at noon due to weather” or “I just arrived at Downs Park for class today and our class meeting location has moved.” Text messages through LivingTree should NOT be used by parents for announcements or invitations.  We recommend that parents allow for text messages so that you receive these urgent messages in a timely manner.

How often should I check LivingTree?  How often you are on LivingTree will depend on how often your child attends class, your committee position, your notification settings and what events are going on.  The mobile app makes it easy to have Magothy information available daily at your fingertips…a great “on demand” resource!  But, logging into your account from a laptop/desktop is valuable as it provides access to more options and a comprehensive format….so try logging in from a laptop/desktop at least a couple of times each week.  If you have opted out of the Daily Summary and notification settings, you will have to log in to see any and all updates.  If you opted in for the Daily Summary, you may not log in as often because you will be getting an email with updates from your class and Magothy.

Is it okay if our family only uses one of our accounts?  If your family listed two parents, then two accounts were created.  If one parent is primarily responsible for Magothy, it is okay to only passively use the second account.  We encourage all parents to create their account for the following reasons: 1) Access to photos posted by parents and teachers, 2) See the weekly blurb posted by the teachers  3) In case of an emergency, you could communicate with teachers and staff quickly.  Even if you aren’t the parent attending the enrichment trips or parent/teacher conferences, you will have access to see what is going on at Magothy, at your convenience, so you can talk with your child about his/her school experience.

Does Magothy have a Facebook Group? Magothy has a business Facebook page used as a marketing tool for prospective families and sharing our school with the public.  Magothy also has a closed Facebook Group called Magothy Families. If you wish to join this group please send a Facebook Request to the group. The closed group is used for keeping connections with past families and developing a network of parents, even as our children grow, with shared goals. This group may be occasionally updated with a Magothy Event that is open to the public.  Living Tree is the only hub of communication for the school and Facebook should not be utilized  for school communication.

LivingTree support website has lots of tutorials:

Email with any questions!

Send a LivingTree inbox message to Allison Holcomb, Lindsay McDermott or Cynthia Enoiu for Magothy specific questions!