What is a Cooperative?
A cooperative preschool center is a non-profit organization owned and administered by the parents of the preschool children.  Magothy Cooperative Preschool, is not just a preschool. We are a community of Parents, Teachers and Students all working together to bring an engaging and exciting program to our families. In order to provide this wonderful program, each family must do their part to help run the school.

Why Choose a Cooperative?
For many, this will probably be your child’s first school experience. Magothy Cooperative Preschool is an excellent bridge between home and the formal atmosphere of elementary school. Since at least one member of each child’s family participates, the atmosphere of home extends into the preschool.

What does being in a Cooperative Mean for Me?
Each class will have one “Helping Parent” who will work as a teacher's helper. These parents can expect to work in their own child’s classroom approximately one to two times a month. Helping Parents are expected to arrive 15 minutes early on their scheduled day to assist with set up. Helping Parent duties consist of interacting with the children, assisting with group activities, being a teacher's helper and classroom/school clean up. We encourage Helping Parents to come dressed for play and messy fun.

In addition to the “Helping Parent” commitment, families also accept responsibility to help run the school by participating in a committee position, regular school cleanings, fundraising ($250), and attending up to 4 general membership meetings a school year, as outlined in our School  Handbook. 

Snapshot of Cooperative Commitments-

  • Fulfill your Helping Parent requirement (usually 1 to 2 times per month)
  • Hold and actively work your committee position
  • Pay tuition on time
  • Attend up to 4 general membership meetings a school year
  • Attend 1 back to school cleaning (several options during the summer)
  • Attend school cleaning (one per child enrolled)
  • Fulfill your $250.00 fundraising quota before May 1st.
  • Pack healthy lunches and snacks
  • Support our waste-free initiatives
  • Dress your child for the weather and messy play

A parent cooperative is not for everyone, but for those who make the commitment, they are rewarded with an enriching, gentle and caring environment for their child’s beginning steps into the broader world.


Board of directors

The Board of Directors, consisting of the executive board, our director, class coordinators and teachers, meet bi-monthly to review policies and the business of our school. 

Directors: Lindsay McDermott and Dave Schroeder

Parent President: Corinne Zeruto

Vice President-Committees: Ashley Kovacevich

Vice President-Admission and Registration: Jennifer Petko

Secretary: Lindsay O’Brien

Treasurer- Tuition & Enrichment: Angela Harper

Treasurer- Fundraising: Amy Timme


Each family participates in one committee position to help maintain our school and create our uniquely enriched community. Our community is as strong as the talents brought forth by our members.  Families are able to select their position at our March General Membership Meeting.  Committees positions needed each year often include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Maintenance
  • Classroom Cleaning 
  • Class Coordinators
  • Board Members
  • Fundraising
  • Classroom Organization
  • Planning of Social Events

For more detailed descriptions see HERE. Please keep in mind our positions may change each year based on the school’s needs and the talents of our community.