Our Classrooms


Our classrooms offer a wide range of hands-on opportunities for our children to explore, engage, ask questions, create, problem solve and discover. During a typical day children will have the opportunity to play in both of our indoor classrooms, our Outdoor Classroom and sometimes the Music & Movement Room.  All classrooms have a whole group/ large meeting area, areas for individual and small group interactions as well as a variety of materials for children to utilize and play. 


The Moon Room

  In the Moon Room you will find the Science & Nature Area, Language Arts & Math Centers, Sensory Table, Writing Center, Small Worlds Shelf, Puzzles and a Reading Nook.   


  • It might look like I am playing, but I am developing oral language, concepts about quantity, number sense, shape, size, length, pattern and weight. I am a Mathematician!
  •   It might look like I am playing, but I am problem solving, developing language skills, observing, predicting, experimenting, recording and reporting. I am a Scientist! 


Sun Room

Our Sun Room consists of an Open Art Area, Art Easel, Large Wooden Blocks, Music Center, Bird Watching Window, Reading Loft, Sensory Table and Dramatic Play.

  •   It might look like I’m playing, but I am developing my creativity, small motor skills, visual discrimination, problem solving and sharing. I can express myself freely in my own creations and masterpieces. I am an Artist! 
  • It might look like I am playing, but I am using my imagination. I am developing emotional skills, independence, oral language, social skills and responsibility. I am learning to work cooperatively. I am a firefighter! I am a pirate! I am a mom! I am a veterinarian! The possibilities are endless!


Our Outdoor Classroom

In our Outdoor Classroom you will find a Musicscape, Tree House, Mud Kitchen, Digging Zone, Bird Blind, Water Table, Small World Area, Sandbox and more. We also have swings, a slide and climbing equipment. Our Nature Trails lead to great exploration, wonderment and adventures. Our children also enjoy a riding area for bikes, scooters and riding toys. Both small and gross motor skills are fostered in these areas. Our Tree House can be the perfect spot for Circle Time or Snack. Our Gathering Area has several picnic tables where we are able to bring many indoor classroom components outdoors. In the fresh air, sunshine and surrounded by the sounds of nature (occasionally a rescue vehicle or two) many organic, teachable moments unfold.


  • It might look like I am playing, but I am growing my self confidence, strengthening my gross motor skills, developing spatial awareness and balance. I am Active!
  • It might look like I am playing, but I am connecting with the natural world around me. I am observing, learning to be a steward of the Earth and developing empathy. I am an Explorer!