Inclement Weather Procedures:

We follow Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) inclement weather decisions. Please listen to the TV or radio for school closings and delays.
If AACPS are closed, Magothy will be closed.
If AACPS have a one hour delay, Magothy will open as normal.
If AACPS have a two hour delay, Magothy will have a one hour delay (afternoon classes are not affected by a morning delay).
If AACPS have an early dismissal for weather, Magothy will post a schedule on ParentSquare.

Here is a link to the AACPS inclement weather page:

Use your best judgement, if you do not feel it is safe in your area to drive to school, please stay home!


This guide is intended to provide general information. If you have specific questions regarding your child's placement or the registration process, please ask your child’s teacher, our Director or the VP of Registration.

My child takes an afternoon nap. I am worried that an afternoon class will not work for us.

It is hard to imagine what nap schedules may be nine months from now. Often times between registering in January and starting class in September big changes happen. Many times families report our afternoon students continue to take naps or have quiet time on their non-school days.

My child is not yet using the potty independently. Can I still register?

Yes. Potty training is a process. We do have some children come to school in pull-ups so they can try to go in our school bathrooms and develop potty independence. We do ask that you are working towards the goal of being potty trained at home. If a “stinky” accident occurs you will be called to come up to school and change your child. 

We are registering for PreK. What is the Forest Friday component?

All of our classes incorporate time in our outdoor classroom and on the trails. PreK however dedicates their entire Friday session to the outdoors. During Forest Fridays our PreK classes explore, play, engage in real world application of skills, investigate, discover and much more. Forest Fridays include sit spots where our PreK students journal in their favorite spot on the trails. Over the year students are able to observe changes in this spot and are able to extend their time to a task. Forest Fridays occur in all types of weather (safety and temperatures permitting).

I am not able to attend Registration. What can I do?

A family member/ friend, who is not registering a child at Magothy, can turn in your Application and Registration Fee for you. Please make sure the application is complete and a second choice option is indicated.

I have a younger child. Am I able to bring them to my helping parent shift?

It is Magothy’s policy that siblings are permitted to attend class with helping parents as long as they are safe, not disruptive to the class and you are able to perform the duties as a helping parent. Helping Parents often find it rewarding to be in class with just their preschooler. Some families will sibling swap and watch the younger siblings for each other during helping parent shifts.

I work full time. Can my nanny be the Helping Parent?

Although we recognize that nannies can be an extended part of the family,  it is Magothy’s policy that an immediate family member be the Helping Parent.

Is there a religious component to the program?

No, Magothy Cooperative Preschool does not have religious education in our programming.